2016 Installation Dinner at Olive Garden

The new board took office on Monday, May 9, 2016 at Olive Garden. The Club thanks last year's board for their service! Karen S. was presented with a small token of our appreciation for her service as President and Vice President for the last 2 years! Erin E. takes over as President, with Colleen S. coming in as Vice President, Tara P. remaining our Secretary for a second year and Ruth M. taking over the Treasurer position.

We kicked off our t-shirt fundraiser with a whopping order of 16 shirts, which is awesome! T-shirts will continue to be available for purchase through the next 2 weeks if you want to get an order in with the first order. Let Erin E. know if you would like one and she will get your order squared away.

We are making huge strides with our transition to Big Tent with 20 members now fully active! We hope to have everything running on Big Tent by June. Events are already being posted on Big Tent in addition to Facebook. Thanks to all members that have signed up and paid their dues already!