Progressive Dinner

On March 12, four lovely members opened up their beautiful homes for a progressive dinner for the club. The club did two progressive dinners last year and both were a huge hit. This time around, one of the hostesses had the idea to make the dishes as healthy as possible. The first stop was the home of Lidia, where she and her husband served appetizers. There was fresh guacamole, chicken lettuce wraps and fruit/cheese/veggie skewers. Lidia also concocted a relatively low-calorie Mojito which was a big hit.

The next stop was the home of Colleen S. and her husband. Colleen served a few different types of salad and a vegetarian vegetable soup. There was also wine (which is totally good for your heart and therefore fit the theme perfectly, ha).

The entrée was a baked chicken spaghetti served at the home of Kami. She used whole wheat noodles and lots of veggies and this dish was also enjoyed by all. And more wine. :)

Dessert was at the home of Ruth and her husband. Ruth had prepared mini chocolate chip cheesecakes, fruit tartlets, and Paleo brownies. Everything was surprisingly tasty, especially considering the low calorie and/or fat count. Ruth served coffee and tea and the group finally stopped for a picture.

A great time was had by all and we will definitely plan another progressive dinner. We are always looking for hostesses, especially ones that live near one another, so keep that in mind! Thanks again to all the hostesses, and other members who helped cook, for a great evening!!