April Book Club at Lidia's, "Push Not the River"

On Tuesday night, April 28th, Lidia hosted a “Polish Book Club” at her lovely home. 9 of us Newcomers had read “Push Not the River” by James Conroyd Martin, a romantic historical fiction drama. (Although 3 of us hadn’t quite finished reading before the event!)

Lidia, Polish herself, made delicious authentic Polish sandwiches, pickles, and sweet treats, to keep with the theme. We enjoyed discussing the heroine and the antagonists in the book. Lidia supplemented the discussion with her knowledge of Polish culture and history.

We all enjoyed sharing our thoughts on the book and thinking about the story in different angles. Book Club often gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better while discussing what we’ve read. As always, there was a lot of laughter in addition to the book chat! Everyone agreed that the book was really enjoyable, and we discussed reading the sequel for a summer book club.

Intriguing thoughts... ;)

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